Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nibbles in Nakhon

So the big supermarket in Nakhon has changed hands and it now stocks some staples of my pre-Thailand diet, like Italian basil (YAY now I can make pesto!), eggplants, zucchinis and tonic, gin and lemons (wonder what i'm making with those?).

My hero Ms Julia Child, in her AMAZING kitchen

I have made zucchini soup a few times, and I have been frying garlic and eggplant to have on salads but this week I have a reason to make (or try to make) Baba Ganoush - JOY!

The reason I have an excuse to make this dish is because the girls of Nakhon are having the 2nd clothing swap of the year. We all get together at my pal Ali's place, eat and drink then dump the baskets of unwanted or unworn clothes on the ground and fight over them. Ha! So much fun! I am actually wearing something from the previous clothing swap as I write. It's a lovely little kaftan and my friend Kait was done wearing it, I think she had worn it so much it had lost it's appeal to her but I LOVE it!

The clothing swap is a great way to refresh our wardrobes without having to buy more and more stuff. It fits in nicely with my impending new years resolution (yes i have decided on my resolution already) which is to consume less; less stuff, less food, less alcohol etc.

This is the recipe I will follow, it's from David Lebovitz's food blog. I love his writing and his cooking so I thought i'd try his Ganoush over all the other recipes I found online.

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  1. YAY for more stock of wanted/needed staples :)

    Clothing swaps is such a great idea! Some things lose their appeal quickly but when a friend picks it up and wants it, then it's comforting knowing that it'll go towards good use.

    Less is more!