Sunday, August 28, 2011

Phi Phi Paradise

Last weekend i went to Koh Phi Phi for a 4 day weekend. I LOVE Phi Phi so much, it's so beautiful. My pal Katie (who was over from Sydney) and I shopped, beached, eat, danced and drank. Spectacular!
The view from our bar stools 

Katie and I, beach front bar stools

Longtail boats

The beautiful fresh seafood we chose and then had BBQed. YUM

So sad, no more seafood

Me, in my new dress and Katie

Katie and I at Banana Bar the groovy rooftop bar where we spent our nights on Phi Phi

Stunning beach where we spent our days

The beautiful island.

Lacey, Me and Katie

Making Tom Yum soup at the cooking class

It's ready! Yum

Tom Kha Gai, Tom Yum Gong, Green Curry, Pad Thai - Yummo!

The chefs

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Koh Lide

For the Mother's Day long weekend a group of us went to an island on the west coast of Thailand called Koh Lidee. We swam,  we ate great food, we visited other islands, we played cards, went kayaking, we were mildly robbed of our money but then it was returned (what's a cheeky robbery amongst friends...or random fishermen). Fun times had by all and a huge thank you to Maew and Berret who organised the entire weekend and were amazing chefs, best campfire food EVER - yum!
Kait and Stu in the longtail boat on the way to Koh Lidee

Maew and Bert on the way to Koh Lidee

Koh Lidee when we arrived, VERY low tide


Hitting the beach with a beer 

The gang on Koh Lidee

Berret and Maew, our chef's 

Zack and his LED poi

Beautiful Koh Lidee

High tide and a bright morning, so beautiful

Early morning coffee

My cabin nestled right in the forest on Koh Lidee

Koh Tarutao, where they filmed Survivor Thailand

The beautiful full moon

My final morning on Koh Lidee, so beautiful

Beautiful Koh Lidee

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mother's Day / Queen's Birthday

August 12th is the Queen of Thailand's birthday and so it's Mother's Day in here in Thailand. At school there was a special assembly with kiddies and mummies and singing and ballet. Just a lazy day at school.
There was a mum to represent each of the classes and her kid had to get up on stage and give her a gift. But before all of that there was ballet and some delightful singing.
My amazing kiddies sitting nicely at the mother's day assembly

Farsai and cutie cute Ta-Jui sitting behind her

The mother's waiting nicely to be presented with their gifts

The children waiting nicely to present their gifts to the mums

Ballerina chick

Costumes were great, timing was a bit off