Saturday, August 20, 2011

Koh Lide

For the Mother's Day long weekend a group of us went to an island on the west coast of Thailand called Koh Lidee. We swam,  we ate great food, we visited other islands, we played cards, went kayaking, we were mildly robbed of our money but then it was returned (what's a cheeky robbery amongst friends...or random fishermen). Fun times had by all and a huge thank you to Maew and Berret who organised the entire weekend and were amazing chefs, best campfire food EVER - yum!
Kait and Stu in the longtail boat on the way to Koh Lidee

Maew and Bert on the way to Koh Lidee

Koh Lidee when we arrived, VERY low tide


Hitting the beach with a beer 

The gang on Koh Lidee

Berret and Maew, our chef's 

Zack and his LED poi

Beautiful Koh Lidee

High tide and a bright morning, so beautiful

Early morning coffee

My cabin nestled right in the forest on Koh Lidee

Koh Tarutao, where they filmed Survivor Thailand

The beautiful full moon

My final morning on Koh Lidee, so beautiful

Beautiful Koh Lidee

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