Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 2nd, a Photo Diary

My beautiful friend Sabina has a blog and whenever i'm feeling a bit beige, a tad blah, I click over to it for some inspiration. She's such an amazing soul, a really wonderful friend and SO creative!
Recently she posted a sort of photo story about her recent move from Sydney to Germany and it inspired me to do the same.

Here are some pictures I took on Friday December 2.  December 5th is the King's Birthday (he turns 84), here in Thailand which makes it both Father's Day and a national holiday (woot!) so there was a little Father's Day concert at school to celebrate Father's Day.

The choir
My colleagues in the English Programme enjoying the presentation

My friend Amy's daughter - Issara (Issy), meaning freedom in Thai
Me and my very well behaved class

Kindergarten ballet dancers

Their costumes are so ornate!
Zeeu-Ziu (facing the camera, right) sits quietly. She's such a beautiful little girl.
I really enjoy  the random hugs she gives me. She's a very caring person and a pleasure to teach. 

Praew (laughing) is another amazing girl in my class.
She is so bubbly and warm, and she's my top student.
My class hamming it up for the camera 
Pleum (1st boy on stage) from my class presents his father (seated left) with a Father's Day gift.
The kids are lower then their parents out of respect. 
Pleum (far left) pays respects to his father while his little sister looks on in front.
Note the massive picture/shrine to the King. They really love the King and Queen here.
Pleum, his sister and his proud father
After the ceremony we all planted a tree in the garden. What a sweet idea!
Here Chul (holding the spade) and his Grandfather plant the first tree.
Zeeu-Ziu - she loved planting and watering the trees
My class planting their trees
The lovely lady who sells fruit from here motorcycle cart

She insisted I have a go :)
The wonderful woman i call 'fried chicken lady' who sells chicken (or 'gai' in Thai) outside  my school
There's a temple opposite my school and we often see monks wandering into town 
I had to put this one up, it's my friend Clare, who is visiting me from Sydney.
 We found these fantastic animals by the side of the road on Friday night and had to stop to pat/ride them :)

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