Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Love Floating

As I wrote in my previous post, Monday December 5th was a national holiday in Thailand so we all got a 3 day weekend - yay!
I am blessed to live in a town with a lot of super groovy people and one couple in particular who are really proactive when it comes to organising big group outings to interesting places. Last weekend was one such outing. About 40 of us (including my pal Clare who is visiting from Sydney) went to the Ratchaprapha Dam about 5 hours away, and spent 2 nights staying in floating bungalows. It  was one of the most beautiful places i have been in Thailand, so peaceful and quiet. The water was crystal clear and we were surrounded by untouched rain forest. I was actually told that the dam itself is 1/3 the size of Singapore, HUGE!

Here are some photos of this fun weekend.

Allison, Clare and Laura on the bus to the Dam. Laura and Andy (out of frame) are playing with a bat and ball.
Andy, bat in hand :)

Me and my pal Marelise on the bus.

Clare and I waiting to leave the pier on the long tail boat that took us to the bungalows.

One of the other longtail boats (there were 4 in total) heading off.
Note Bert, up the back, with his massive inner tube for floating on .

Me and the beautiful mountains in the distance.

I named this 'Camel Island'

The bungalows we stayed in. They were literally floating on the water. So peaceful.

Clare at the bungalows.

Sad Clare, having just slipped of the bamboo walkway and  fallen in the water :
Wine and cards = fun
Me and my wonderful friend Jane
Meaghan, Omar and Sami

Me and Berret (who along with her partner Maew, organised the trip)

Clare and I goofing around

Clare and I, sad to be going home.


  1. There is a similar setup about an hour away from CM. I wrote about it here: and the funny thing is I wrote, "It's a blissful escape" ;) hee, hee. xxoo from up north yo.

  2. Lani the house boat looks amazing!

    I'm still considering CM in March and posts like that make me lean more towards 'HELL YES, Chiang Mai here i come!' :)