Monday, October 24, 2011

Shut Up and Get On With It

So here's the truth...I don't like Nakhon Si Thammarat (the city, not the people, the people are fab) I guess It's just not for me.

I'd like to live in a town that has more variety. I'd love to go bowling, or to the cinema sometimes. Also i think NST is quite a Thai city and it's hard being the outsider all the time. Getting yelled at and stared at on the street everyday is just getting to me a bit now.

I have been here 7 months now and although I love teaching, my colleagues, my class and the amazing friends i have made; i just do not love Nakhon. Le sigh.

But that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is that I have decided to stop talking about how i'm not loving Nakhon. Talking about it is just making it worse, plus i sound like deputy downer always complaining. That's not who i am - SO I'm going to shut up and just get on with it. I only have until mid-march then i'm outta here and like i said i adore my friends and my job.

I start teaching again tomorrow and I feel like it's an excellent time to turn over a new leaf and look tot he future. I'm going to start exercising more, swimming, going to the gym, using my new hula hoop, riding my push bike and  exploring the big park close to my house.
I've ordered 10 books from and they're being delivered to my door (for free!) so that'll keep me busy and I'm going to start writing again because my recent travels have energised my creative juices again.

And now i am off to check the mailbox, having already cleared space on my bookshelf in anticipation of my books arriving.

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