Monday, October 17, 2011

Bowling and Farewell

The night before I left Chiang Mai my pals Andy, Abim, Mel and I went out for a wonderful Mexican meal (where we all over indulged, but who can resist sangria and guacamole?) before crossing the road to one of the 2 bowling alleys in CM.


Abim's meal was amazing, I had ordering envy.

Mel and Andy rocking the bowling shoes.

'Watch out!' - Lee (from Aka Ahma Cafe) is an amazing bowler!

Anne and Robyn - cutie pies :) 

Myself and Robyn, a bowling duet.

I love this pic of Melissa, apparently her parents are avid bowlers  and really know their stuff, but she just drops it down the lane - ha!

She bowled a strike no doubt. Jenny really was a champion bowler. 

More of my amazing bowling.

Well at least I beat Melissa!
I am so jealous of Chiang Mai and their myriad of movie theatres, malls and bowling alleys. We had such a great time there and bowling was definitely a highlight for me.

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