Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberry Sorbet

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I have been thinking about all the summery foods i can make now that a. live in Thailand where it's hot ALL. THE. TIME and b.  I have a place with a kitchen.  Last week I came across this post about Strawberry Sorbet and little bells started ringing in my head.
Yummo! Can you imagine the taste sensation it would be. Sorbet is truly a magical invention. i think i'm in love!

Sorbet is so easy to make too. All the ingredients are available in Nakhon and I have a freezer. The only thing I need is a blender. i was ummmmming and aaaahhhhing about whether or not to invest in one and thanks to this I have decided to buy one. Heck it'll be my birthday prez to moi :) Goody! *clapping hands excitedly*

I did have my heart set on making bread. The bread that my friend Jake makes is so good but the thing is i don't have an oven so it's a bit tougher than sorbet.
I am determined to make bread and i will! No reason why i can't do both. But sorbet is easy peasy and i can do it at home so maybe sorbet will be my thing, like bread is Jake's. I can bring it to all the parties we have in town! Yay!

Recipes: Green Gazpacho - Green Gazpacho Recipe - Ottolenghi
Ohhhh now i'm dreaming of all the things i can make with a blender. Pesto...mmmmm, and Gazpacho like the one i made in Sydney before i left. This green gazpacho is from Plenty, the most amazing cookbook EVER! (Sorry Ms Child)

Taste buds tingling...must go make lunch.


  1. Bliss, being in Thailand you should give a go to Mango granita... just put water, sugar, and mango in a blender (don't be stingy and buy one!!!) and freeze it. And since you are a wicked little thing, you can also add a bit (or two) of vodka/gin/arak...

  2. Marco - i'm not being stingy! I am buying a blender you crazy fool!
    I shall make granita and tell you all about it.