Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little update

I have not had a lot to write recently, life plods along here. Plus if truth be told i am a little ashamed that i have not yet managed to make any bread (i did however make a cracking banana bread and i'm attempting a carrot cake tomorrow :)

So anyway, life is nice and quiet here. I'm settling in to the routine. I ride my bicycle to school every morning and arrive at 7:30, I mope around my classroom lamenting the fact that i am at work on such a beautiful day until i have to go to assembly at 8am.
My class of 26 crazy 4 yr olds is waiting for me and the sight of them usually snaps me out of my mope.
We're back up in the classroom at about 8:30 and i don't teach until 9:20 so i'm usually just preparing or marking homework.
I teach for an hour then sit back down and mark what we've just done.
The kids go to lunch at 11:20ish and usually the Thai teacher likes to put them in their PJs before that (thus wasting that class when she's meant to be teaching).
I wander down to lunch with the kids, help serve them and then all the foreign teachers go to the other campus to eat the hit and miss lunch the school provides. My kids sleep for a few hrs while the teachers eat.
We get back from lunch, iced coffee in hand - yum - at about 1pm and i spend the next 15mins marking/preparing my next class.
If i'm teaching at 1:30 i wake the kids up at 1:15, if my Thai teacher is teaching she doesn't wake them up until 1:45 so there's enough time for them to get ready for my class at 2pm.
I usually teach art or maths in the afternoon and then spend the time after class marking.
The kids get picked up by about 3:30 and I leave the school at 4:15. By which time i am super tired and needing a nap.

Having had a nap and recharged my batteries though there are plenty of things to do in Nakhon. I'm going to take up Thai classes with a lovely guy called Jay and I'm trying to go swim some laps/do some sport a few afternoons a week too.

Sorry i don;t have any exciting photos of anything, nothing has happened really.
I will take some pics of my new house and post them asap.

Until next time, stay warm.

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