Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Birthday in the Sun

The view from my hotel room at Bamboo Bungalows in Haad Yuan.

July 3rd was my 27th birthday and i was lucky enough to spend it at Haad Yuan, a small and very quiet beach on Koh Phangan.
I went to my favorite bar for a boogie on the Friday night, slept in a hammock and read ont he beach ont he Saturday, ate a wonderful pumpkin curry for dinner on Saturday night and woke up on Sunday (the actual day) for an early morning swim.

My good friend Jane came along with me and we had a wonderful swim early on Sunday, followed by a beautiful breakfast and then some shopping in Haad Rin before we left back to Nakhon.  

After my early morning birthday swim

Beautiful green garden out sidfe my room in Haad Yuan. 

The view from the breakfast table

The view from the breakfast table

The beautiful shoes my parents sent me from Fez, Morocco . THANK YOU!! 

The beautiful (and so perfectly me) earrings and necklace that Jane  gave me for my birthday. LOVE THEM!!

Breakfast - fruit salad (hold the papaya please) homemade muesli and yoghurt. YUM!

Jane and I (and the coffee mug) at breakfast

2 pairs of amazingly fantastic birthday Fez shoes, a beautiful leather bag  and a scarf (worn as turban) from Sue and Craig, earrings and necklace form Jane. Amazing and much loved birthday gifts! Thank you! 

When we got back to Nakhon I was whisked off to our friend Ali's place for my SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY! Jane, who i both live and work with, had managed to organise the whole thing without my knowing! 
Jane and I at my party :)

Jane bought me a knife to spread my vegemite with...they're hard to come by in Thailand as they eat with a spoon and fork, no knife.

My friends Kait and Stu bought me an ice cream cake. WOW! Cookies and cream  heavenly cake i call it. Thank you!

The heavenly cake

Valerie, Me and Jane (Omar in the background)

All in all i had a wonderful birthday. I felt so loved and embraced by all my new friends in Nakhon, and it really made being away from my family and my old (you know what i mean) friends easier. 
Thank you everyone everywhere for the love and birthday wishes you sent me. i love you all and miss you.
Let the 27th year begin!

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