Monday, May 16, 2011

Let the Games Begin

Sorry for the lack of posting, School started on Tuesday and it's been a bit hectic. The reason i have time to write now is that we're on a 5 day weekend - gotta love Thailand, back at work for 3 days then off for 5.

My class has 25 students in it and they're all different in their own ways but they're all lovely, funny, crazy kids who i will have a wonderful time teaching this year. I have really enjoyed my first week teaching them.

On the first day there were no students and we just met our department heads and met all the Thai and Foreign teachers. There's teachers from all over Thailand as well as farang (foreign) teachers from England, Australia, USA, South Africa and Canada.  
The teachers of the English Program at Srithammarat Suksa School

As it turns out i will be teaching 18 hours per week and my Thai teacher teaches 17 so it feels very much like a partnership. My Thai teacher's name is Teacher Poo (pronounced Boo) and she's just lovely. She doesn't speak much English yet but she's told me she would like to learn from listening to me so i'm sure she'll be swearing like a sailor and chatting away in an Aussie accent by the end of the year.

My class has about the same number of boys to girls, they all play well together and they're cutie pies. Here are some pix of some of my amazing kiddies.
Praew, Tawun and Tonkow



This week i have to make a Who's Who in K2 Class 2 poster for outside my classroom. I'm going to do a garden scene and get the kids to make flowers out of paper muffin patties and then stick their faces in the center. CUTE!
Next week we have to talk about rules too and we'll be practicing saying 'please' and 'Thank you', sitting in a circle, keeping hands to ourselves and walking in a line. FUN!

I am honestly loving life here, i think i have found something else i can be really happy doing :) Yay!  

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