Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Big Mango, Stuck in Heaven A gain and New Friends

So Lydia, Lauren and I LOVED our sleeper train experience. We hopped on board at 2:50pm in Nakhon and the train - which was scheduled to leave at 3pm - pulled out a lazy 20mins later. Amazing in Thailand, it could have been much worse.
We made our carriage our own, played some Gin Rummy,  ate some snacks and agreed that train is the best way to travel.
Lauren on the train to Bangkok

Lydia on the train to BKK
Our beds folded down from the roof and at about 6pm a guy came around (wearing a face mask - scary?!) and made them for us. After which we were served a random kind of Thailand train dinner and basically forced into bed at 8pm.
Lucky I had my iPod with movies and my Harry potter talking books because talking was frowned upon past about 9pm and it would have been a very long night without that to entertain me.

6am, the sleeper train man converting a bed back into seats
We pulled into Bangkok at 6:30am and all in all it was a fun trip, something i'd do again for sure.

In Bangkok we decided to stay in the area around Khao San Road because it's easy to go out there and a lot of what we ended up doing was close to there. Khao San is fun and there's shopping, lots of restaurants, a great reggae bar and many many backpackers to hangout with, but I prefer to stay closer to the shopping centers. Ha ha ha i can hear you all laughing. The reason i like to stay near the malls is that (well apart from the fact that i like to shop) i love the cinema and eating Japanese food and as Nakhon has neither of those things it's what i like to spend my time doing in TBM :)

Speaking of which I saw Thor (ok, Directed by Kennith Branagh...who woulda thunk it) and Rio (cute, but not my fave animated movie) and the tix were only $5 each - amazing!

Siam Paragon has great Japanese food which Jane, Lydia and I ate twice. So yummy! I really miss ready amounts of wine, varieties of cheese and good Japanese food.

Groovy jelly fish outside Siam Paragon, the big shopping mall  we  watched movies at

We did end up going to JJ markets and having a lot of fun. Lydia and I both bought some 'vintage' clothes and by vintage i mean second hand. I bought a beautiful necklace which is shaped like an origami crane, so cute.  
Khao San Road
Instead of going to Koh Phayam, where i have never been and really want to go, I once again went to Haad Yuan and had a big party weekend with the other teachers. It was so much fun but really i should go somewhere else sometimes. Seriously i am going to see Koh Phayam and Krabi and Koh Lanta in the next few months i promise.
The taxi boat from Haad Rin to Heaven AKA Haad Yuan
We spent a load of time in the water, eating, dancing and then sleeping. It was just what i needed :)
Lydia, Kate, Mel and Stuart at Eden
Haad Yuan
Stuart making strange noises at Eden
Beautiful Haad Yuan
Lydia painting on my arm, looks great under the black light
Abhim, Mikey, Mel and Lauren on the ferry from Koh Phangan to Don Sak (mainland)
Mel, Me and Lauren on the ferry
When we got back to Nakhon there was a big surprise party for a lovely new friend of mine and fellow kindy teacher, Kate. It was loads of fun and not just because i bought my moustache. We all bought food and had an amazing, gourmet put luck dinner and we met all the lovely new teachers. Yay!

Jane, Issy, Amy and X at Kate's surprise birthday party 

Jake and Stuart at Kate's B'day bash

Laura, Lovely girl i met that night but forgot her name :( Kate and Emma at Kate's b'day party

Abhim BBQ king!

Helen suits the tash

Our hosts Emma and Jake present the birthday cakes 
Kieren and his new Mo

Stuart and Kate with yummy birthday cake and ice cream
Needless to say i am really having fun and you should all come visit!!! Stay tuned for the next installment in which will talk about my first week at school and meeting my class.


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