Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Glory of BEANS!

After weeks of practice, weeks of me yelling at them and drilling them and generally being a tyrant, on Friday last week my kids performed their end of term show. They KILLED it! So proud.

The topic (chosen by my Thai co-teacher) was 'Green Beans', yes indeed, soooooooo exciting!
I managed to make it semi-interesting for the little tots with lots of readings of Jack and the Bean Stalk (and one hysterical lesson where we acted it out in class) and i will fondly remember the time we planted seeds, Lego and a pencil just to see what would grow (hint - it wasn't the Lego or pencil). But really the very best thing about performing a show about Green Beans is that was able to teach the kids a song about beans. Here's an example of one of the verses (to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell) 'The beans begin to grow, the beans begin to grow. Hey Ho i like beans, the beans begin to grow' YES!!!! Fun times had by all.

But seriously, they did so well. All their parents were sitting in the audience (and that's gotta be scary for any 4 year old) and they've been practicing and practicing so they know it's important. Some of them were given lines (in English) to learn and they did it PERFECTLY! One of my kids didn't show up on the day and I had a handful of kids who volunteered to step up in front of the audience and say his lines, I mean that takes guts right? So proud of them!
I couldn't wipe the smile from my face, except for the few minutes I had a little cry because i was so, so full of emotion at how wonderfully my little rug rats did.

Nam and Ong speaking their piece in Thai

Me and my beautiful class of kiddies.

Teacher Phu, my co-teacher, introducing the ever exciting (and freshly grown) Green Bean

Paper says his piece PERFECTLY! Yay!!!!!

Skipping happily off stage having spoken very clearly and slowly! GOoooooOOOOoooo paper!

Listening attentively to their fellow classmates, and wearing their beautiful Bean hats :)

Baby explaining the life cycle of a bean plant

Nam pointing out the various parts of a bean plant

Reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' together

The Very Hungry Caterpillar as read by my amazing kids :) 

Filling in 'The Story Of Beans'

Let's all sing the bean song - Hey Ho I like Beans!

Counting to 10 using beans.

After the show the parents and kids worked on a little art project.

Ta-Jui and his mum working on their beans.

So happy!

Teacher Phu and Teacher Bee

Giving out a sticker for a job well done.

'Well done, do you want a sticker?'

J-J and his beans

Tonkaow and her mum with their finished product

A chorus of 'Teacher Bee, i'm finished'

Sticking beans onto beans to make beans

The finished product

Tonkaow's sister, Tonkaow and their mum, enjoying the after show snacks

Tawun and May

Pleum and his granny
Singing their Thai Bean song

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