Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bangkok and Bookclubs

Summer school is over and i'm on holiday for 10 days. Life is sweet!

This afternoon some new friends and I are jumping aboard a sleeper train and pulling out of Nakhon, headed for Bangkok - or as i recently found out it's called 'The Big Mango' (huh?)

I've been to Bangkok a few times before and despite the traffic, noise & pollution i really love the big crazy capital of Thailand. I'm on a mission to see some movies in a cinema (something i love to do but can not in Nakhon as there's nothing showing in English), shop for a few things i need and a few more things i don't, and generally enjoy the vastness that is 'The Big Mango' (i think i'm going to start calling it that, or maybe TBM, it's bound to catch on).

Both my companions (Lydia and Lauren) have never been to the amazing JJ markets (thank you Zoe Michalski for letting me in on that little secret) which have over 4000 stalls and are on every weekend. The last time i was there, in September 2009, i began at the wrong end so it was closing time by the time I discovered the corner with the funky Thai designers and stalls upon stalls of funky vintage clothes. I do not meant o make the same mistake twice.

Bangkok is a groovy place to visit, lots of little nooks and crannies with interesting bars, shops and people but  I can only handle it for a few nights. We'll be leaving on Monday - destination Koh Phayam on the West coast near the Burmese border.

As for bookclubs, i have started one. The Nakhon Shire Literary Society (i took the name from one of my favorite books) will meet once a month. The first meeting is on may 16th; i will let you know how it goes.

I'm off to begin my first ever train journey in Thailand. I will be sure to take lots of pics along the way. 

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